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News: The first movie of Audrey is funny, she was very nervous so she kept on talking about how much she liked leather, actally the movie is more of a non-stop promotion for leather clothes :-)
Posted: october 2


News: The first movie of Audrey is funny, she was very nervous so she kept on talking about how much she liked leather, actally the movie is more of a non-stop promotion for leather clothes :-)
Posted: october 2


News: The movie of Audrey takes a bit longer to prepare, so we start off with two sets of pictures first. She wears several pieces and even tough she's not a model, she has really big fun posing and wearing the leather!
Posted: september 25


News: Yesterday we had a session with Audrey. She is actually not a model, but the mother of on of our younger girls. We talked her about the site and she immediately wanted to participate. Her clothingsize is XS and it was very hard to find some pants that fit her well, but she whore a great coat amongst others! The first three samples are available.
This weeks update is a gorgeous girl that would like to become a professional model: Angela. She poses a bit static, but does so with a face that makes you melt.
This first time, she actually just posed in a brown leather jacket for one of our members.
Next week we hope to have a first movie of Audrey ready for you, she was so exited about wearing the leather, she kept telling how great is was..... you'll see!

Posted: september 18


News: We received a very nice story/script by one of our members. It is, amongst others, about a leather hat getting blown away and a coat in the wind. The full story is posted at the bottom of this page. We have bought a hat already, now we're just waiting for some 'stormy weather'... We're experiencing an Indian Summer with very nice hot days, but the story needs a lot of wind, so be patient, Ky.
The voting is going well, it's getting clear who you would like to see best, so we have contacted 3 new girls to plan a shoot.
If you did not vote yet, Just click HERE to see the pictures of the girls that want to show their clothes for you and let us know who you want to see!

For this week, enjoy the 7-minute movie of Rìsna and a set of accompanying pictures!
She's wearing medium leather boots, a wrinkled brown long leather coat, a brand new brown leather jacket, only used once for going out on the weekend, and a Miss Sixty pants. By request there is some extra focus on the butt ;-)

Posted: september 11


News: More pictures of Mirjam, very good close-ups of the leather on this tom-girl
Posted: september 3


News: From now on, all members can actually VOTE which girls we shoot for your website in what outfits! Just click HERE to see the pictures of the girls that want to show their clothes for you and let us know who you want to see!
Posted: august 16

This week, the second movie of Debby, (European size 34!) in a leather skirt and a coat, walking around her garden, posing and showing of while we follow her.
Also, Rísna has bought some new leather jacket for herself, a brown one which hangs open in front, just regular length, we'll probably be shooting that coat coming week.

Posted: august 13


News: As expected, some of you prefer to see pants, some prefer coats and we got some special request for a long skirt. Well, we satisfy most needs with this weeks update. 3 Sets of pictures with several outfits. We also found a neat leathershop in Veenendaal,  where we will do our 'custom shopping'. That means you just tell us what you want us to buy and we buy it, if possible. Our first purchase will most likely be a 'pink leather pants' since we have had two seperate request for that.
Mind you! It is also possible to send us your leather clothes, we know plenty girls in various ages and sizes that would love to pose, but have no leather clothes.
Friendly greetings, Team

Posted: august 6


News: Our website finally opened at juli first! We hope you like what we have to offer and we certainly do welcome your input! Is there anything YOU would like us to make? We try to make this one of the nicest leather-websites in the world!
We think that some people are looking for nice girls in leather, but when they search the internet, most of it is rubbish (small sized webfinds) or very kinky (Domina-style is NOT what we intend!). Just tell us what you would like to see.
We already do have some requests for older ladies in long leather coats, but we simply do not have enough coats yet. If you want us to shoot an Angel in a very special outfit, you can actually SEND us your clothes and we will use them for a shoot.
Want to write us a story (in English) about leather?
Feel free to do so, if it is good, we'll post it!
Let's make this a nice and cozy little place on the net where it feels like you are understood!

Posted: 13 july at 16.00 hrs Amsterdam-time


News: This weekend, we posted a nice movie of Debby, introducing herself, talking about leather (in Dutch, sorry for that) and dancing around.
The running-time is 11.30 minutes.
Some more information about Debby: She is a 19-year old waitress and she once modelled for a friend of ours, who said we hàd to ask her. She is very cheerfull and you can see she really enjoys wearing leather. Her pants have a very tight fit but it looks like they were made for her, so perfect. She wears two outfits in the first movie: The black pants and jacket you see in the sample-picture, and later on a black leather bodywarmer with one of our own blue leather design-skirts. It has a triangular buttonsleeve and is 4/5 length. All the movie she keeps wearing these kneehigh black leather boots...
In German:Es würde heute ein neue Video geposted. Er dauert 11.30 minuten und händelt sich um Debby.
Sie erzählt uber sichselbst und warum sie gerne Leder tragt (leider sprecht sie nur Holländisch, aber man kann es verstehen). Am ende geht sie noch rumtanzen und seigt dabei ihre enge Lederhosen, Lederjacke und nette Lederstieffel.
Debby ist 19 Jahre Alt und arbeitet im Imbiss.
Die hosen sind richtig eng, aber passen perfect!
Halbwegs den Film wechselt den Outfit.

Posted: 16 july at 17.45 hrs Amsterdam-time


News: First of all, let us thank everybody for the great compliments we received!
We were pleasantly surprised by the response we got, and we have some good news!
We started out with a 30 euro-membership for one month. This was done because we expected only a few members and we needed some money to buy new leather clothes. However, the number of members has grown more rapidly then expected!
As a result, we do not need to ask 30 € anymore, we have reduced it to just 19.95 €!
If you joined as a member already, don't worry, for you we have even a better offer:
To thank you for trusting us so quick and for being one of the earliest members, we have given you 1 extra month of membership for free!
We will do our very best to keep you comming back for more!
So, we hope you appreciate our gesture, if you have any comments about anything, we would love to hear them, by mail or in our guestbook.

Enjoy this weeks update, we have posted 3 girls with new pictures, comming week there'll be a nice new movie again.
Oh, and just yesterday, we shot a new video from Mirjam, a cute blond girl in a 3/4leathercoat, we'll be posting her movies soon as well!

Friendly greetings, Team

Posted: 23 july at 16.00 hrs Amsterdam-time


Story: Written by Ky, we try to keep the 'main idea' intact and make our own session with this in mind.
Model and clothes: Age, figure and haircolor of the model is without importance. But she should look attractive and self-confident in some way and should have at least mid-long hair. She is wearing a ¾ or full-length leather coat together with matching leather pants (if possible, not too tight ones, as I appreciate the more voluminous cuts playing around her legs), sticked in mid-length boots with a more fashion-, perhaps even riding-character, at least not this kind of exaggeratedly high-heeled fetish-boots (which I generally don´t like). I would also like her to wear some leather jacket or blazer under the coat, if you could do that, and if it will be suitable to the general kind of style you choose ... But the most important accessoire would be a small- (or even large-?) brimmed fashion leather hat which she has put on her open hair. Obviously she is very proud of this hat, as she repeatedly touches it with softly caressing hands as if to find out if it really always stays in the right position on her cute head. Doing this, she cannot hide to look arrogantly self-satisfied about her own elegant beauty.

b. Situation: She is walking alone outside in a rural landscape, and it is a very windy day. She really enjoys to step along in her protective and luxurious all-leather outfit, wrapping herself deeply into her coat (maybe with collar standing up), though she negligently avoids to close and button it. She tries to hold the coat around her body, but due to sudden gusts of wind the down part of it flaps open so far that you can see parts of her delicate leather pants. Possibly she is excited to admire herself in her lovely trousers and boots because she doesn´t want to close the coat. Going on, the wind becomes stronger, and now her beloved hat is seriously in danger to be taken away being pushed up by her flying long hair! So she doesn´t care about holding her coat any more, which instantly opens and allows a detailed view on her whole delicious leather attire worn under it. Instead, she nervously begins to grab at her hat, clumsily tries to hold it with both hands with the only result of pressing dents in it and letting get it out of place. Of course, in spite of all her efforts, finally the wicked wind succeeds in blowing it off her head. After the first shock she immediately runs after it, but she doesn´t get it back before it flies on a farmland (or into grass). Besides, in her distressed pursuit of the lost hat she is already losing a good part of her pretentious arrogance. In front of the field (or the grass) she is stopping to undress her coat in order to prevent it from getting in touch with the ground before stepping on. It is not easy to walk here in
her street boots without sticking into the ground. At last she reaches the position where her hat is lying. There she is bending over to fetch it from the ground, so that you can take a closer look at her leathered backside. Perhaps the last picture(s) could show her going back on her way, keeping the hat and the coat in one of her hands and protecting her deranged hairstyle against the vicious wind with the other.

I know, this relatively complex story is at least very challenging for an amateur model. So I would not expect that you can illustrate it literally in all the details I am referring to. But maybe you like the core of the idea and want to try to come near to it? An important question would also be: Does it cost extra?!?
<comment by LeatherAngels: No! we create your wishes for free (or try to keep the general idea of the story, at least>
Posted: september 11


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